Lisa M Kirk
Artist and Facilitator

Love Letters to Creative Souls

Hello Art Lovers,

I thought I would send you a few of my new Art pieces that have been flowing off the paintbrush lately.

I seem to be influenced and guided by all the planetary changes that have been going on! These paintings are certainly connected to my past series, "In the Realm of Possibility" and the "Across the Universe" paintings. Lots of spheres and circles showing up.

I am working hard at getting out to my studio regularly and enjoying The Process. I have been returning to my love of acrylic paint and mark making (not that I ever left it as it always found its way into the collage!). I will be wandering back to my collaging soon but for now, immersing myself in the texture and colour of paint has been a joy.

I find myself visiting some of the elements of art--Shape, Colour and Line. As you all know I am a Process Painter, allowing things to "show" up and responding to those things as they arrive. So it was a surprise as I wrote this little Love Letter to you, to discover the thread of these elements in my work, and my love for them. They have appeared as if by Magic....and there have been many moments of Magic showing up lately. How has magic been showing up in your life?

I have been asking myself lately what I love to delve into most when I am creating...and the answer has been clear---Colour and Line. And yet Shape has shown up loud and clear....

This return to the Shape of the sphere or circle (and the occasional egg shape) is intriguing. I have come to believe that we all have our own symbology we use in our art. Often people in my classes will return to the same shapes or images they have painted is like their own secret language or signature. I just love watching that unfold with people.

I have certainly seen this with my own work over the years. For me, the shape of the circle feels very big ( Universe or planetary) and yet small at the same time (cellular). It makes me feel the connectedness with each other across our own Universes. At times, we can feel so alone, and yet we are always connected....of course I could go into physics and the mystery of the Universe but I will leave that one for you to unfold! The egg shape feels full of potential, birth, mystery....

I wonder what your personal symbols are? What symbols are significant for you and keep showing up right now in your life? Check out your might notice repeating shapes, patterns, lines or images. I wonder what message they would have for you of they could talk?

I guess you could say I have a love affair with Colour; it informs me each and every day. My house is filled with it and I find it healing to be surrounded by it. Depending on how I am feeling, I am drawn to different colours. One particularly difficult year, I found myself painting my living room a creamy white. I just need the peace of that white. One Summer my dining room was painted magenta. I still love sitting in that room. How are you influenced by Colour?

If you were a Colour right now, what Colour do you feel like? (Those in my classes know all about THIS question!)

As for Line...well that is more of a searching thing for me. Some of you may not know but one of my original loves was drawing and mark making. I often find that I will begin with making marks onto the paper or canvas and then see what unfolds from that. Some of the lines get covered in paint, some of them uncovered through scraping back with the end of my brush and some of them are added later. How does Line weave its way though your art or your life?

So if you were a Line right now, what kind of Line would you feel like? A squiggly line, zigzag, spiral, horizontal.....I think I feel like a spiral right now.

Check out some of these pieces under "New Work" in my Gallery here. You will also find a new Portrait Series (12 so far) on paper that I have had alot of fun creating....each of them has a personality of their own!!

I hope you enjoy this feast for your eyes....

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Thank you to everyone for supporting the arts. And thanks for following me along in this Creative Journey!

Kind Regards,