Lisa M Kirk
Artist and Facilitator
We Are Carried SOLD The Benevolent Blessing of Being SOLD Frida's Passion SOLD
New WorkHeadsFrida Kahlo
Standing Tall in the Full Moon Forest SOLD Angelic Grace Arises The Triquetra
Star Series & Other Small DrawingsWork on PaperIn the Realm of Possibility Series
The Blessing Stars of Mary SOLD Circle of Love's Light SOLD Dance Me to the End of Love SOLD
DeitiesLandscapeThe Golden Clothesline Dress Series
Starry Starry Nights Live Here SOLD Ode to Picasso Co-Creation
Happy HousesAbstractsFigures
Be Ready to Receive SOLD TinyTribe #54-The Mermaid's Gold Unfold Your Wings and Fly
The City Inside SeriesTiny TribeOthers