Lisa M Kirk
Artist and Facilitator

 Pure Process ~The Art of Creativity

 Summer Classes 2019 

















Creativity requires the courage

to let go of certainty.

 ~Eric Fromm


Pure Painting ~ The Liberty of Summer

(6 wk in person at The Art Room, Courtenay)















Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.

 ~Bryant H. McGill

    Summer Pure Painting ~ The Liberty of Summer:

Drop-in* or Full Session


Wed AM: 9:30 am-12:30 pm, July 3- Aug 14,  2019 (6 wks) 

Please Note: Wed AM Jul 10 moved to Thurs AM July 11 for this class only.

 OR Thurs PM: 7-10 pm, July 4- Aug 15, 2019 (6 wks) 

(No class July 24th Or 25th)

Cost: $275- (plus GST=$288.75) for 6 weeks

Can be paid in FULL with cash, cheque or e-transfer 

OR can be paid in 2 payments of $144.38 (includes GST)) with 1 postdated cheque for July 25, 

OR in three payments of $96.25 with 2 postdated cheques for July 15 and July 31th

  • Includes all supplies, except journal.
  • ​​​Digital images of your work will be emailed to you weekly
  • Herbal & black tea and goodies served.
  • *If dropping in, you must email/call ahead to book your space, as this class is very popular and there is limited space available.

This is an invitation to jump into the flow, freedom and liberation of Summer with an added splash of colour to enrich your life.  “Drop-in” or choose to commit for the 6 weeks; either way you will enjoy the freedom of this class.   Come and express and explore your inner creative landscapes through the painting process, a little writing and refection with wonderful group of like-minded souls.  Begin to discover what is holding you back from feeling fully liberated in mind, body & spirit. Putting aside judgment, letting go of outcomes, we begin to trust the flow of the creative process and how it echoes our life.  Step into the creative flow and discover the colours, shapes and textures that make up your own inner language.  We laugh a lot, sometimes cry and share our life journeys, inspiring each other in the process.

All levels of experience are most welcome. Bring a visiting friend, co-worker or spouse for a fun experience or just bring yourself to express and explore through the painting process.

*If dropping in, you must email/call ahead to book your space, as this class is very popular and there is limited space available.


Curving back into myself

I create again and again. 

~The Bhagavad Gita

A bit more about the class:

There is a sacred and transformative energy that is generated when a small group gathers to create. When cultivated, this energy supports, heals and guides one forward in their lives.

Pure Process Art is self-refection through the creative process - painting from the inside out on big pieces of paper, with an abundance of paint and opportunity to express & explore and awaken & excavate possibilities within. 

Pure Painting offers a chance to "see" oneself and whatever is requiring attention in your life in a fresh way through images, colours, shapes, forms, textures and language. It is here, we begin to unravel the messages that have been delivered to us through our creations. Those messages that we may have been unable to hear, see or understand before. Through painting them, we access another powerful language.  

This is all done within a small group process, in a safe and caring environment. Utilizing a combination of group sharing, writing, process painting, self & group reflection we will support each other to take risks, stretch, and explore places that may have been untapped or have laid dormant for some time. 

No prior art experience is necessary, all levels are welcomed.  However, the willingness to dig deep, be open to the creative process and share within the group is. Here there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. We laugh and sometimes cry, but always leave with a full heart and colour-filled thoughts.



Freedom means the opportunity

to be what we never thought

we would be.

 ~ Daniel J Boorstin











Pure Process ~ ONLINE Spring Session Coming SOON


The essential ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody:

courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust --

 and those elements are universally accessible.

~ Elizabeth Gilbert


What is “Pure Process Art” you ask?

It is the willingness to be open to the creative spirit that moves in all of us.  

It is trusting the innate knowledge that resides inside of us and giving it permission to come through us in our creations.

Pure Process is accessing the deeper, mysterious and hidden places within our soul that have no words. 

It is an approach to teaching art that is accepting, open, and supportive of each person’s pilgrimage to their own creative essence.

It is allowing feelings, memories, and the greater universal connection  to be expressed through the media of art.

Pure Process is about listening through your eyes and heart to the messages your art may have for you, allowing your art to "speak" to you with colour, shape, texture and energy.

Everyone was born with a creative spirit and everyone expresses this creativity in diverse ways.

However, sometimes we feel the doorway to our creative spirit has become stuck, locked, or is only open a crack.

Pure Process can guide you to fling open the doorways to your creative spirit. This can overflow into your everyday life and you will find yourself feeling, thinking and doing things differently.

Take the leap into the palette of your intuition….and take a class...

Please Note in Regards to Pure Process Art Classes~

  • If you are new to the class, payment is required 10 days ahead of time. 
  • If you register, cancellations must be 7 days before class starts for a full refund.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the start of class, there is a $50- administration fee for full session classes.
  • After the start of the class there is no refund.
  • If you miss a class, there is no refund. 
  • Class size is limited to seven.



Reflections from past Pure Painters~


I step inside the paper

and dance with paint

and brush in a sensous

play of orange and yellow

blue and purple red and green

and together we discover our way

across the white spaces

of endless possibilities.

~Karin Watson



  What is this strange thing that comes,

cloaked in the familiar?

  My insides are jumbly, anticipating


  My body is keen to feel the smooth flow

of paint on paper,

       hear the sound of bristle on paint.

  "Breathe!" she says,

   so I breathe and my heart expands,

             my inside gather themselves into

a unified tide that moves,

unbidden by me,

            bidden by something else

   that knows where we are going.

   When I lift the brush I do not know

           what will transpire.

   This is thrilling! And I laugh with

              delight because strange as it is

it is no stranger after all,

   but simply another language for speaking

the joy of my heart.

Jacquie Anderson



Do you have one or two-three friends or family you would like to do a session with? Then this might be the perfect option for you. There is no experience necessary for this session, only the desire to be open to process.  These have been very popular with those looking for a fun, playful time with a few friends.  It is also a great way to explore another way to communicate with others through the painting process.  2- 3 people, 3 hrs, $250-.

The world of reality

has its limits;

 the world of imagination

is boundless.

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau


For those wanting to work with their images on a deeper level, a one-on-one  with Lisa is a great option. No experience is necessary for this process, only the willingness to be open. Using a process called "active dialoguing", you will access the underlying messages that your paintings hold for you. This is a powerful process that can further changes in your outer and inner life.  $200- for 2.5 hrs.   All supplies included.


Art Birthday Party:

Come to Lisa's studio for your child's birthday party leaving the set-up, art activity and clean-up to Lisa. Some themes include "Special Boxes", "Fairy Tale Painting" (with a guest story teller), "Full sized Self Portraits", or "Art Journals". All you need to bring is the cake and camera. Kids get to take their artwork home. Max number of participants: 6-8 (including adults), unless the weather is nice!   Cost: $200- for 2hrs.


Create a Class:

Do you have a group of people you would like to create with? Lisa will work with you to "create a class" that fits the needs of your group. Throw an "Art Party" for yourself or your chikd and leave the set-up, clean up and planning to her! This could also be a corporate or office creativity day; build team spirit and strengthen relationships witha playful, creative approach. Or gather a group of friends together to create. Call Lisa to brainstorm.


Gift Certificates:

Give the gift of creativity to a friend or loved one. Gift certificates can be created for any amount and used for any class. Gift certificates can also be put towards purchasing a piece of Lisa's art. Call Lisa and she will create a gift card for you.


About the Facilitator:

Lisa is an artist and art teacher whose passion is to explore and open with others the creative possibilities within. She has been doing this successfully since 1999 through designing and teaching her Pure Process Art classes. Her teaching has developed from her own personal painting process, her ongoing study of process based art work and all she has learned from her many inspiring students. Lisa teaches both children and adults in her own studio as well as for the Comox Valley School District and NIDES. She also ran a weekly art program at Eureka Clubhouse for adults with persistent mental illness 10yrs. She has done team building and professional development workshops for teachers, mental health care workers and day care providers.In 2006, Lisa was nominated Mentor of the Year for the Arts and Culture Awards. Lisa has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC.


For more information or to pre-register

please call Lisa Kirk at 250-334-2567 or



Classes held at


1986 Cumberland Rd

Courtenay, BC,

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