Lisa M Kirk
Artist and Facilitator

 Pure Process ~The Art of Creativity

Fall Classes 2019 

















Creativity requires the courage

to let go of certainty.

 ~Eric Fromm














There is a sacred and transformative energy

that is generated

when a small group gathers

to create.

When cultivated,

this energy supports,

heals and guides one

forward in their life.

Pure Painting ~

Transition into Fall ( 3 wks)

Drop-in* or Full Session


Wed AM: 9:30 am-12:30 pm, Aug 28- Sept 11,  2019 (3 wks) 


 OR Thurs PM: 7-10 pm, Aug 29- sept 12, 2019 (3 wks) 


Cost: $135- (PLUS GST $141.75)  for FULL session of 3 weeks

If paid in FULL with cash, cheque or e-transfer for the three weeks, you are assured a seat as preference given to those registering for the full three weeks.

OR Drop-in: $50-

  • Includes all supplies, except journal.
  • ​​​Digital images of your work will be emailed to you weekly
  • Herbal & black tea and goodies served.
  • *If dropping in, you must email/call ahead to book your space, as this class is very popular and there is limited space available.

Transition into Sept with this creative jump start.  In these three classes, begin to get some clarity around what you want to invite into this next cycle of your year.  “Drop-in” or choose to commit for the 3 weeks; either way you will leave with a visual nugget to guide you forward.

Through a combination of writing, painting and refection process you are guided to express and explore your inner landscapes. Putting aside judgment, surrendering to outcomes, we begin to trust the flow of the creative process and how it echoes our life. Step into the creative flow and discover the colours, shapes and textures that make up your own inner language.  

All levels of experience are most welcome. Bring a visiting friend, co-worker or spouse for a fun experience or just bring yourself to express and explore through the painting process.



To exist is to change,

to change is to mature,

to mature is to go on

creating oneself endlessly.

~ Henri Bergson

Pure Process Art (11wks)
Reveal & Reclaim ~
Creating a Way Home 

Wed AM, 9:30 am-12:30 pm   
  •  Wed. Oct 2- Dec 11
 OR Thurs PM 7-10 pm 
  •    Thurs.  Oct 3- Dec 12
All Classes at The Art Room  Include: 
  • All painting supplies (paint, paper, brushes,etc)
  • Belly laughs, the occasional tears and Kleenex.
  • ​​​Digital images of your work will be emailed to you weekly.
  • Herbal & black tea and goodies served.
  • Please bring a journal or one may be purchased for a small fee ($10.50- for a small one, $12.60 for larger)  the first class
Payment & Registration Details~
  •  $550- (includes GST) for the eleven weeks
  • Can be paid in FULL with cash, cheque or e-transfer
  • OR can be paid in 2 payments of $275.00  with 1 postdated cheque for Nov 31
  • OR in three payments of $183.35 with two postdated cheques for Oct 30 & Nov 31
  • or in four payments of $137.50 with three postdated cheques for Oct 30, Nov 15, & Dec 6
In this eleven weeks, we will dive deeply into revealing what has been lost, what we have given away, what treasures we have buried. We will create a map back to our authentic selves and what matters most to our hearts. Through the creative process, our own personal images and symbols will emerge from our paintings delivering messages embedded with layered meaning for each of us. As a group, the power of creating together is amplified as we paint and share our processes. Colours, shapes, images, words arise to call us forward, to assist us to re-gain and reclaim our personal power and our deeper intuitive knowing that resides in wait for each of us. 

We will work in paint and some drawing materials to reveal a deeper sense of who we are. This class is for those committed souls who are devoted to showing up, sharing with a safe small group and doing the work. No experience necessary. 

A bit more about the class:

There is a sacred and transformative energy that is generated when a small group gathers to create. When cultivated, this energy supports, heals and guides one forward in their lives.

Pure Process Art is self-refection through the creative process - painting from the inside out on big pieces of paper, with an abundance of paint and opportunity to express & explore and awaken & excavate possibilities within. 

Pure Painting offers a chance to "see" oneself and whatever is requiring attention in your life in a fresh way through images, colours, shapes, forms, textures and language. It is here, we begin to unravel the messages that have been delivered to us through our creations. Those messages that we may have been unable to hear, see or understand before. Through painting them, we access another powerful language.  

This is all done within a small group process, in a safe and caring environment. Utilizing a combination of group sharing, writing, process painting, self & group reflection we will support each other to take risks, stretch, and explore places that may have been untapped or have laid dormant for some time. 

No prior art experience is necessary, all levels are welcomed.  However, the willingness to dig deep, be open to the creative process and share within the group is. Here there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. We laugh and sometimes cry, but always leave with a full heart and colour-filled thoughts.

Please Note in Regards to Pure Process Art Classes~

  • If you are new to the class, payment is required 10 days ahead of time. 
  • If you register, cancellations must be 7 days before class starts for a full refund.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the start of class, there is a $50- administration fee for full session classes.
  • After the start of the class there is no refund.
  • If you miss a class, there is no refund. 
  • Class size is limited to seven.


The things that women reclaim

are often their own voice,

their own vlaues,

their imagination,

their clairvoyance,

their stories,

their ancient memories.


If we go for the deeper,

and the darker,

and the less known

we will touch the bones.

  ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Spirit Cards ~

On Line Session
















Spirit Cards ~

On Line Session

FB space will open
Sun Sept 1- Oct 16 (6 + wks)

ZOOM classes will be:
*Thursdays, 11- 12:30pm, PST
Sept 5, Sept 12 (no class Sept 19), Sept 26,  Oct 3, & Oct 9

* If you are unable to make it to the ZOOM,
the links will be posted that day within the FB group
to download and watch.

What a perfect introduction to collage work                                                                                                                              

and working from the heart in a conscious way. 

This was a completely new experience for me...

I feel the online part was important in this particular class
as it allowed us to be comfortable and settle in to the process
in our own environment without the interruption in creative flow. 

I have a deep gratitude for the experience
as it has been quite transitional for me
in my spiritual art journey.
~Ada B.

Pure Process Spirit Cards is an ON-LINE 6+ wk session where we will begin to create a series of our own personal Divinity Cards through the collage process. 

I will take you through a process designed to assist you in learning how to trust your intuitive body and your hands.  I will guide you through specific steps, but within those parameters, you have the freedom to choose the images that call most deeply to you.

Here. we will begin to create a series of Spirit Cards that resonate and are aligned with what is calling you forward in your life. These cards carry rich information embedded in the images and the way you choose to put them together.  

Each step in this process is honoured with intention. Taking time with the process is key to learning to hone your intuition. Throughout, I will nudge you to step into this creative process with your heart and body, not your head.  You will begin to build a richer relationship with your intuitive body. 

As a group, we will share our creative processes and we will begin to trust what is showing up to guide us. We will begin to learn to “read” our own cards. We will explore some ways to begin using our cards for divination, clarification or guidance in our lives.  

This is a simple but deep process that does not require previous art experience. The supplies are easy to get and not expensive.

This Session will take place in a Private Facebook Space, “Pure Process Spirit Cards”, created just for this group. As well we will meet on ZOOM (a free conference call/virtual meeting space) for our five Virtual art classes.

Throughout the session, I will be available in the Private Facebook group for support and working through the process. I will pop in with a weekly Livestreams to support and inspire your creative unfolding.

The FB group will also be our creative space to further share our cards as well as our reflections, connections and the process of creation.

This session is open to anyone who is willing to step into the mystery of the creative process and be willing to share within the group. We are there to support each other in a safe, private group.

Payment & Registration details:

  • Cost: Canadian Residents: $150- plus GST ($157.50)
  • E-transfer preferred within Canada
  • OR  PayPal ($150 US ) arranged for those outside of Canada 
  • No refunds once you have registered

A Little More Info for the Curious:

What are Spirit Cards?

  • They are your own personal Divination Deck of cards created through a simple collage process that you will learn in the session.
  • They are larger ( approx 6" x 9") than a normal deck of Taro cards so it gives us room to add images more easily. 
Can I participate anywhere?
  • YES! No matter where you live in the world you can join in.
  • All you need is access to WiFi, a computer and social media, specifically Facebook.
  • This  will take place in a Private Facebook Space created just for this session, as well as on ZOOM (a conference call/virtual meeting space) 
  • ZOOM is free for you to use and I will provide you with the links to join me in the "Virtual Studio"...which will be my studio!
What if I cannot make all the ZOOM calls?
  • Even if you cannot make the actual ZOOM class, you will be sent a link to watch later and do your creating with.
  • Those links are available for you to download and access for as long as you like via dropbox.
  • However, it is always best if you can make most of the ZOOMS Live but due to times zones and busy lives it is not always possible.
How long will the session run? 
  • We will be together in our private FB space of 6+ weeks
What will I get out of the class?
  • Five ZOOM calls (1 1/2 hrs each) where we will create together.
  • PDFs of the steps covered in the program.
  • Live-streams weekly in the group to inspire you.
  • A private, safe and fun space on Facebook where we will share our creative process and our creations of Spirit cards.
  • You will begin to build a deck of your very own Spirit Cards created from images that speak to your heart.
  • You will begin to work from your intuitive body and learn more deeply how to trust the process of creation.
  • you will begin to learn ways to utilize and read the cards.
  • And, you always get as much as you put in. So the more active you are in the group and showing up for the classes, the more you will take away with you!
What if I have already taken the class before?
  • You will be able to build on your previous deck.
  • Or begin to create a distinctly different deck.
  • Or work on a connected series of cards.
  • You will further deepen the connection to your intuitive body and an inhernet trust of the creative process.
Do I need any creative experience?
  • You do not need any creative experience, just the willingness to show up, be open  to the process and share within the Facebook group. 
  • If you feel a bit nervous/excited about the process that is good—you are onto something!!
What Supplies will I need and will they be costly? How many cards will I create?
  • the materials are simple (magazines, glue stick, scissors)  and not costly unless you want some fancy paper to eventually back your cards but this optional
How many cards will I create?
  • that is up to you--you may spend time creating a smaller group of very intricate cards or you may create many, it is really up to you. However, once you begin the process, you can continue to create them after the session is finished.


This class far exceeded my expectations.
Under Lisa’s most excellent guidance (!)
we found our way through any confusion and hesitation
to come out the other side trusting our intuition
and finding joy in our process.

I will carry these skills with me to keep on creating
my oracle Spirit Cards
that I will use for the rest of my life
as a tool to access my own inner wisdom. 
~ Kira Neumann 

Symbols are powerful
because they are visible signs
of invisible realities.
~ Saint Augustine


What is “Pure Process Art” you ask?

It is the willingness to be open to the creative spirit that moves in all of us.  

It is trusting the innate knowledge that resides inside of us and giving it permission to come through us in our creations.

Pure Process is accessing the deeper, mysterious and hidden places within our soul that have no words. 

It is an approach to teaching art that is accepting, open, and supportive of each person’s pilgrimage to their own creative essence.

It is allowing feelings, memories, and the greater universal connection  to be expressed through the media of art.

Pure Process is about listening through your eyes and heart to the messages your art may have for you, allowing your art to "speak" to you with colour, shape, texture and energy.

Everyone was born with a creative spirit and everyone expresses this creativity in diverse ways.

However, sometimes we feel the doorway to our creative spirit has become stuck, locked, or is only open a crack.

Pure Process can guide you to fling open the doorways to your creative spirit. This can overflow into your everyday life and you will find yourself feeling, thinking and doing things differently.

Take the leap into the palette of your intuition….and take a class...


Do you have one or two-three friends or family you would like to do a session with? Then this might be the perfect option for you. There is no experience necessary for this session, only the desire to be open to process.  These have been very popular with those looking for a fun, playful time with a few friends.  It is also a great way to explore another way to communicate with others through the painting process.  2- 3 people, 3 hrs, $250-.

The world of reality

has its limits;

 the world of imagination

is boundless.

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau


For those wanting to work with their images on a deeper level, a one-on-one  with Lisa is a great option. No experience is necessary for this process, only the willingness to be open. Using a process called "active dialoguing", you will access the underlying messages that your paintings hold for you. This is a powerful process that can further changes in your outer and inner life.  $200- for 2.5 hrs.   All supplies included.


Art Birthday Party:

Come to Lisa's studio for your child's birthday party leaving the set-up, art activity and clean-up to Lisa. Some themes include "Special Boxes", "Fairy Tale Painting" (with a guest story teller), "Full sized Self Portraits", or "Art Journals". All you need to bring is the cake and camera. Kids get to take their artwork home. Max number of participants: 6-8 (including adults), unless the weather is nice!   Cost: $200- for 2hrs.


Create a Class:

Do you have a group of people you would like to create with? Lisa will work with you to "create a class" that fits the needs of your group. Throw an "Art Party" for yourself or your chikd and leave the set-up, clean up and planning to her! This could also be a corporate or office creativity day; build team spirit and strengthen relationships witha playful, creative approach. Or gather a group of friends together to create. Call Lisa to brainstorm.


Gift Certificates:

Give the gift of creativity to a friend or loved one. Gift certificates can be created for any amount and used for any class. Gift certificates can also be put towards purchasing a piece of Lisa's art. Call Lisa and she will create a gift card for you.


About the Facilitator:

Lisa is an artist and art teacher whose passion is to explore and open with others the creative possibilities within. She has been doing this successfully since 1999 through designing and teaching her Pure Process Art classes. Her teaching has developed from her own personal painting process, her ongoing study of process based art work and all she has learned from her many inspiring students. Lisa teaches both children and adults in her own studio as well as for the Comox Valley School District and NIDES. She also ran a weekly art program at Eureka Clubhouse for adults with persistent mental illness 10yrs. She has done team building and professional development workshops for teachers, mental health care workers and day care providers.In 2006, Lisa was nominated Mentor of the Year for the Arts and Culture Awards. Lisa has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC.


For more information or to pre-register

please call Lisa Kirk at 250-334-2567 or



Classes held at


1986 Cumberland Rd

Courtenay, BC,

 V9N 2E9